Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why We Should Stick with Bernie

The most important aspect of the Bernie Sanders campaign for president is that it is taking on the entire political system. Instead of being supported by millionaires and billionaires, Sanders is relying on the support of millions of citizens. By directly taking on the established campaign finance system, he is taking on the meta issue that affects all other issues.  Hillary Clinton may argue that she is not affected by her donors, but history tells a different story.

After the March 15 primaries, some Bernie supporters may think the race is over, but the majority of delegates are still out there, and the next primaries are in the type of states that Sanders has an advantage.  So far, Clinton has 1,132 delegates and Sanders has 818, and a candidate needs 2,383 towin the nomination. Clinton also leads in super delegates, but these votes are not made until the convention, and in 2008, most of them switched from Clinton to Obama at the end of the campaign. 

On June 7th, 806 delegates will be decided, including 546 in California. If Sanders does will in California, New York, Wisconsin, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, he could catch up to Clinton by the end of the primaries.  At this point, the super delegates would have to consider that Sanders beats Trump in most national polls by a wider marginthan Clinton. It is also important to remember that Hillary is under investigation by the FBI.

Sanders is not only running against our corrupt campaign finance system, but he is also taking on the political parties. What most people do not know is that Clinton has given the Democratic National Committee over $20 million, and Sanders has not given them anything.  It should be no surprise that super delegates have come out in favor of Clinton since she is helping to fund their campaigns. Through Hillary’s Super Pac, funded by Wall Street, fossil fuel corporations, and  pharmaceutical companies, she has been able to buy the support of the DNC. 

The biggest problem we should all have with Hillary Clinton is we have no way of knowing what policies she would promote as president and who she would choose for her advisors and key administration positions.  She has come down squarely on both sides of many issues (free trade, gay marriage, welfare reform, Wall Street, military intervention) throughout her career, and she appears to be committed to only one specific issue, and that is getting herself elected as president.

Don't let the corporate media tell you how to vote: The best counter to Trump’s fake populism is a real Democrat like Sanders.


  1. Important points, are you, or is anyone from UC-AFT applying to be a convention delegate? I would add that despite the losses yesterday Clinton's delegate trajectory for reaching a simple majority dropped from 113% to 108%. Since one strategy is to have her reach the convention without the necessary majority, and hopefully any majority, this is a positive to take away from yesterday. I think that this points to the not so obvious fact that Bernie maintained his momentum through yesterday despite not winning a state. The ground that he closed in the past week or two was still very significant. The key task now will be to get back in the win column so that the perception is that he still has momentum. So everyone get on the Bernie dialer!

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