Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great New Salary Data

Check out this site:
You can look at anyone's salary or any group of employees in the UC and see how their compensation increased between 2006 and 2008. Here are some important findings: (The full article is at:

"Employees making at least $100K
2006 total gross pay (14,654 employees): $2,286,581,129.06 (30.9% of total UC salary) (link)
2008 total gross pay (21,531 employees): $3,370,788,442.25 (37.4% of total UC salary) (link)
Dollar increase: $1.08 billion
Percentage personnel increase: 46.9%
Percentage dollar increase: 47.4%
Change in percentage of total UC salary: +6.5%

Employees making under $100K
2006 total gross pay (121,661 employees): $5,111,896,556.80 (69.1% of total UC salary) (link)
2008 total gross pay(129,018 employees): $5,631,676,479.14 (62.6% of total UC salary) (link)
Dollar increase: $520 million
Percentage personnel increase: 6.0%
Percentage dollar increase: 10.2%
Change in percentage of total UC salary: -6.5%

Note the trends:

1. In just this short span of time, the proportional amount spent on six figure salaries has increased at the same rate that the amount spent on everyone else has decreased.
2. UC apparently needed 47% more six figure earners, but only 6% more of everyone else. Quite interesting.
3. What happened during this time that merited a nearly 50% increase in salary spending for wealthy employees?

I think most would agree that these are alarming figures."

I hope you can turn your anger and knowledge into action


  1. How does this (alarming but not entirely new) trend distribute across individual UC campuses? Is it more or less the same at all or more extreme at some than others?

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