Monday, October 10, 2011

UC-AFT Goes to Wall Street: OCCUPY and Demand

I am going to the Occupy Wall Street protests this weekend, and I hope to circulate a list of demands that a wide variety of groups and individuals can endorse. Here is my list of what many of us want:

1. A federal works program to employ 10 million people in construction, community service, education, and green technology

2. Allow all underwater homeowners to refinance mortgages based on current home values.

3. Prosecute bankers and investors involved in fraudulent loans and related derivatives.

4. Prosecute people who authorized or committed torture.

5. A federal investment in green technologies and research.

6. A community service program so college students can forgive their loans.

7. The end to police intimidation of protesters.

8. A tax system that makes the wealthy pay their fair share and a tax for financial transactions.

9. A commitment to fight climate change.

10. A withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq.

11. A freeze of healthcare premiums.

12. Protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

13. Support the right to unionize.

14. A new campaign finance reform.

While the media complains that the amorphous protests have no single theme, it may be possible to organize around a set of common demands. I will report back on my return.


  1. I was convinced `issuing demands' is a manner by which the media and the 1% are trying to pigeonhole and marginalize OWS:

    Just press the 1% to explain themselves.

  2. Bob,

    Thanks once again for taking the lead and joining Occupy Wall Street. You da man!

    It's so gratifying to hear a moral condemnation of the political/economic system that everyone knows is true. That's why, even as protesters formulate policy demands, I'm with those who want to keep the condemnation of money/power alive on its own, independent of politics. Politics or anyone in the system can't make that moral argument. It's not allowed, except by protesters.

    Go Bob!

  3. With all the teachers and students at the protests, who is in the classroom? Your demands:
    1. Democrat talking point
    2. Democrat talking point
    3. Democrat talking point
    4. Democrat talking point
    5. Democrat talking point
    6. Democrat talking point
    7. Democrat talking point
    8. Democrat talking point
    9. Democrat talking point
    10. Democrat talking point
    11. Democrat talking point
    12. Democrat talking point (no one threatens)
    13. Democrat talking point
    14. Democrat talking point

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