Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defending Public Education and Public Workers at UCLA

UCLA students, faculty, workers, and unions have been organizing a series of events to help protect public education and public workers in the state of California. Here are some upcoming actions:

1. Jan 19th: No More Back of the Bus Education: A Rally in Honor of MLK. Noon, in front of Kerkhoff. Help Defend Underrepresented Students! (Click here for flyer).

2. Jan. 23rd at 1: UCLA Public Forum with Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (Moore Hall 100); Rally to Defend Public Education at Bruin Plaza at 2

3. March 4th: DAY OF ACTION: MASS RALLY & MARCH to Defend Public Education and Public Workers, NOON, BRUIN PLAZA

UCLA Fights Back Coalition meets every Tuesday, 6:00 pm, 3rd Floor Lounge, Public Affairs

At these events, we will be passing out petitions for the California Democracy Act. This constitutional amendment would allow budgets and revenue bills to pass by a simple majority (for more info click here).

We will also provide information on Alberto Torrico’s Bill to tax oil extraction and use the money for higher ed (for more info, click here).


  1. One might think that UCLA students would want to have a deeper understanding of how their university can throw them out once they've been accepted: UCLA Weeding 101 offers them a lesson on this important subject, straight from some of this university's most senior faculty and administrators.